Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Old Hayshed

My last project for Cindy Wider´s online Course.
This is just an exercise, not a creation of mine.
We were supposed to do the outline drawing with the help of a grid, transfer the drawing to quality paper and then apply all the 6 different pencil strokes we have just learned!
Its yellowish color is defect of the photo... The drawing (on a A3 paper) did not fit into the scanner! :p

Old House

One of the most detailed pencil drawing I have made until now.

Spanish Clogs

This pencil drawing is definitely one of my favorites!
I felt really inspired on that couple of hours... :D
It was done from a reference photo.


... or not to be! ;)
A pencil drawing from a reference photo.

Guardian Angel

A graphite pencil creation inspired by a reference photo of a stone figurine.

Bright Day

This drawing is one of everybody´s favorite and was done in colored pencils from a reference photo.

Monday, April 13, 2009


A drawing made with soft pastels on colored paper from a reference picture of a metal figurine.

The Bride

This drawing was done with soft pastels on colored paper and had for reference a picture of a friend on her wedding day.


This is also the result of one squirkling tutorial from Brenda, on Drawspace.com.
I am just in love with her...


This tulip was done with soft pastel on pastel paper having in reference a shading tutorial from Brenda´s.
It was my first experience with soft pastels.

Horse´s Head

One of my first pencil drawings done with the help of Brenda´s tutorials on Drawspace.com.